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Making the Transition Easy

Death is not something we enjoy thinking about. But it’s important that we’re prepared for what is to come. At Bourlier Law, we understand how hard the process is and we don’t want it to be harder than it has to be. That is why we’re here to help make the transition as easy as possible for you. Legal battles and disputes are the last thing that should be on your mind whether you’re preparing for the future or dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Counsel That Is Personalized

We provide comprehensive counsel to tailor wills, estate plans, trusts and more to best suit your interests. At our firm, we’re here for whatever will and estate-planning needs you may have. This area of law, unfortunately, does not receive a lot of attention and can result in heavy burdens placed on your family.  Planning for your future can help save not only time and money, but can protect you and your family from unnecessary stresses. It is already a difficult period they’re going through and there’s no reason dealing with estates and other assets should be any more difficult.

Reinforcing Your Wishes

We specialize in a number of areas to ensure that your future is properly planned and accounted for.  Our dependable team will walk you through cases ranging from writing wills, settling affairs of the deceased, establishing power of attorney and medical directives to preparing inventory and account documentation, negotiating debts and administering assets. Our firm is here to reinforce your wishes and make sure your family doesn’t have to deal with financial and emotional burdens that are associated with the passing of their beloved. Get in touch with us today!


Jonathan has been a voice of reason and direction many times over for me. He fights for what’s right and doesn’t give up. I know this personally. He lays it out straight for you without any doubt in your mind on what he can do. He is affordable and an outstanding counselor at law, he comes highly recommended by many local and non local attorneys.

– James Farias  (Petersburg, VA)

“Jonathan Bourlier is an outstanding lawyer. Unfortunately, I had to see it firsthand…but he did an amazing job…it was like an episode of Law and Order and he got the W.”

-Willie Mazzei (Petersburg, VA)

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