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A Compassionate Approach

At Bourlier Law, we understand the emotional and financial burden that seem to go in-hand with family law disputes. At our firm, we take a compassionate approach to help guide you through a process that is so difficult.

Family Law can be a particularly painful experience. We know how important it is to have somebody who will listen to your wants and help fight for what’s best for you. At Bourlier Law, our staff will do just that. We understand that these cases can be emotionally charged. Often times, decisions can be made without considering the consequences and lasting effects that may be placed on your family’s future.

We’ll Be Actively Involved

We are here to tactfully plan and carefully execute agreements that satisfy you. We will help you no matter what stage of the process you’re in and no matter what you’re dealing with. During the entirety of your case, we are actively involved, informing you each step of the way. With our consultations, we are dedicated to thoroughly explaining all of your options so that you can make fully-informed decisions that are in you and your family’s best interest. 

Getting You Results

Whether you’re filing for a divorce, battling for the custody of your child, going through alimony or anything of the like, we will be sure to get you the result you need. Schedule a consultation with us today!


“Jonathan has been a voice of reason and direction many times over for me. He fights for what’s right and doesn’t give up. I know this personally. He lays it out straight for you without any doubt in your mind on what he can do. He is affordable and an outstanding counselor at law, he comes highly recommended by many local and non local attorneys. “

– James Farias (Chesterfield, VA)


“A good man. Much thanks for your guidance in Dinwiddie. We need more like you.”

– Laurence Anthony (Dinwiddie, VA)

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Need legal advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are more than happy to help with any questions or concerns that you may have. Our office has more than 1,000 cases handled in the greater Richmond area. 

We are skilled in a variety of areas with a specialized focus on family law, real estate, civil litigation, criminal law, personal injury and estate planning. We’re prepared to give you quality legal representation with personalized service.

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